Thursday, 21 February 2008

First post

There has to be a first post, and this is it, so please don’t expect anything too interesting in it!

It seems I've been posting all over the 'net for years now and because it's always on other people's sites I lose track of what I've written and control over it as well of course. Sometimes they even edit or delete it, when I overstep the line of what they consider acceptable. Cheek! I’m rarely saying anything quite as extreme as they imagine – but reading the actual words is beyond some people; especially people employed as moderators it would seem.

So what’s this blog going to be about? Well, not me for starters. Ha! I know blogs are supposed to be autobiographal (spellcheck says that’s not a word, what does it know?) but why bore you with the minutiae of an ordinary life when secretly I’m working for the Revolution. And I’m not alone, lots of us are. Every passing day sees another convert to the cause. But don’t worry; it’s not a violent revolution we plan – not yet, anyway – but rather a revolution in thought, an over-throwing of the established order, a change in the essence of society itself. Basically, this country has gone to the dogs and I, and others, want to fix it.

Perhaps I should be clearer. Although the blog title, “British Nationalist” should be sufficient really. It comes in two words: British – which I am, and Nationalist, which is a political stance, generally considered “far right” by everyone except nationalists themselves, who accept there may be some rightwing-ness about it, but see also some leftwing-ness and quite a lot of middle-of-the-road-ness as well. Nationalists simply want full self-determination the British peoples in the British nation.

So in this blog I aim to show you the world as seen through the red, white and blue-tinted spectacles of a beyond-the-pale, racist, fascist, goose-stepping Nazi. Well that’s how the Sun would put it anyway. Actually, us nationalists aren’t generally racist or fascist or Nazi. Some are. But most aren’t. And I’m certainly not. (Would you believe it? There are whole organisations out there that look down on us non-racist nationalists as being wimpy sell-outs!) So in future posts when I stick the knife into black rapists or muslim asylum-seekers don’t think it’s because I hate the colour of their skin; I hate them for what they do, not for some accident of birth.

Anyway, what I plan for this blog is plenty of politics, news analysis, lots of statistics showing how we’re all being robbed blind by the government, the occasional rant, some political-incorrectness running riot, not much about me as a person, since that would be pointless and you probably aren’t interested, and basically all the posts I would have scattered all over the ‘net will get deposited here instead. And frankly it will be as much for me as for any reader, to keep my thoughts clear, my facts marshalled and my enemies in the crosshairs.

Toodle-pip for now. I think I’ll try for one post a day, so check back tomorrow. (No posts on Sundays though – us nationalists keep Sunday special.)

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