Tuesday, 22 April 2008

BNP election broadcast

Did you catch the BNP party election broadcast on BBC1 last night? Nope? Well before you take another step watch it here:


(You can also find it on the BNP site but frankly that site is so ridiculously busy it could take a while - unlike the sites of the other political parties in the UK which are semi-moribund.)

Anyway what did you think of the video? I liked it, although it was almost too feel-good. Some people reckon it should have been a bit harder hitting. And please, if you're going on national TV, don't wear trakkie bottoms and do clean your teeth first!

All this is prelude to the big day - May 1st - London elections and the first realistic opportunity to root out Mayor Ken Livingstone and his cohort of apparachiks from City Hall.

Glass Testicle

London City Hall: Home of every mad, money-wasting scheme under the Sun. Also known as the "glass testicle".

So how will this blogger be voting? For BNP candidate Richard Barnbrook of course. But, problem, each Londoner gets a first preference and a second preference vote. Who gets the second tick? Well, even Barnbrook himself is stumped on that one.

Tactically the Tory candidate, Bonking Boris, has the best chance of unseating Red Ken, but he's such a buffoon it's quite difficult to recommend him to my faithful readership - but I suppose I must, since Ken must go.

So here's the ticket: 1st - Barnbrook, 2nd - Bonkers.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a party political broadcast up here in Yorkshire for the BNP and I must say it was disapointing and a bit disjointed, It needed to be a bit more polished to be honest, the voice over speaker sounded rather slow. H
owever I know who I will be voting come May 1st.