Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The Debt We're In

Let's look at how much debt we're in here in the UK. As of the end of June 2008....

Total personal debt: £1,444 bn

This is made up of

Mortgages: £1,212 bn
Unsecured loans: £232 bn

Average unsecured loan per-household

All: £9,309
Only those in debt: £21,650

Average household debt in the UK is £58,000 (including mortgages).

Average owed by every UK adult is £30,424 (including mortgages).

Average outstanding mortgage for the 11.8m households who currently have mortgages now stands at £102,554.

In June alone borrowing grew by £4.0 bn; comprised of £3.1 bn in mortgages and £0.9bn unsecured loans.

And we're just talking personal debt here. The government has borrowed the same again.


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