Monday, 6 October 2008

Achtung Gerald Toben!

Pity poor Dr Toben; he's an Australian citizen arrested and held for deportation in the UK at the behest of the Germans for the "crime" of Holocaust denial. Allegedly while in Australia he published on the internet some suggestion that belittled the Holocaust; this is a crime in Germany (and in many other EU states.) However, it is not a crime in the UK where he has been arrested, nor in Australia where he "did" the foul deed. Hence my use of the "crime" quotes.

Gerald Toben: Nicked for the crime that never was

Obviously the way to solve this legal anomaly where someone can be whisked off to Germany for a "crime" that isn't even illegal is to make Holocaust denial a crime in the UK was well! This will occur to New Labour pretty shortly so expect to see it on a statute book near you soon.

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