Thursday, 20 November 2008

BNP membership list leaked

A slightly out-of-date BNP membership list has been leaked into the public domain; probably by a disaffected former member of staff - despite there being a court injunction to prevent this.

Of course no court order can recall a document once it has reached the internet. By now thousands of people will have their own copy. This blogger even has his own copy. (Don't ask, I won't supply a copy.)

Rather than bemoan the iniquity of the situation this blogger has decided to use his considerable IT skills to extract some trivia from the list. Just who are these BNP members anyway?

Well, 10297 of them are Misters, 1422 are Mrs, 411 are Miss and 556 are Ms. There are 41 Doctors, not necessarily medical, 5 Reverends, two Sirs, one Lord and one Lady (the lord and lady don't appear to be related.)

There are 3019 members flagged as activists; there is one serving police officer, who is also an activist (rather brave that!) and another 20 retired or former police officers.

Although most of the addresses are in the UK, there are 46 from the USA, 18 from Canada, 7 from France, 6 from Germany and a smattering from other countries in Europe and further afield, including a couple from Saudi Arabia.

As for the members' names: they are mainly ordinary sounding native British, including 173 Smiths, 107 Jones, and absolutely no Mohammeds or Husseins at all.

Anyway, that's enough fun with grep.

My advice to the BNP High Command for the future is - use heavy encryption and make sure access to the member database is only possible via an approved program which cannot be used to print out or copy the entire list. That way even staff who are authorised to access the database can't take a personal copy.


Anonymous said...

This whole incident furthers my suspicions that the BNP is 'controlled opposition'.

The number one target of the BNP should be the liberals who let the immigrants in, not the actual immigrants themselves.

White v. blacks, Christians v. Muslims fights plays into the hands of the ruling oligarch's divide and rule policy.

I find it hard to believe this leak was because of a factional dispute within the leadership.

My hunch is that the BNP leadership wanted to turn the spotlight away from Muslim terrorists to the bankers at the next elections, which is what prompted the contollers of the BNP to discipline the leadership by the release the membership list.


Nationalist said...

Sorry Anon, but having observed the attempted coup at the BNP last year and the departure of various staff members with their tails between their legs I think the "official" story is the right one.

Highlighting how many normal people are members of the BNP is just putting a brave face on it. Really it's embarassing for the party. Potential new recruits will be deterred and that's not good - if the BNP is to progress it needs membership growth.

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

I think it was the work of the State/Labour Party: