Thursday, 13 November 2008

Is Obama really American?

Seriously, there are now several lawsuits outstanding against "President-elect" Obama demanding that he produce his original birth certificate. So far all he has done is put up on his website a recently printed document with the certificate number blacked out. Ironically the certificate is stamped with "Any alterations invalidate this document" so the document is by definition invalid.

There seems to be a body of opinion that BHO was born in Kenya. His paternal grandmother claims she was present at his birth in her Kenyan village. Obama seems strangely reluctant to produce his original birth certificate.

The issue is important of course because the US president is required to be a "natural born American". This is generally taken to mean someone who was born American rather than became American. Obama's father was a Kenyan and never became an American; his mother was an American but her son, according to the law as it then was, would not automatically have been American because she had not lived for more than 5 years in the US as an adult at the time of the birth (she was only 18.)

Btw, I write "President-elect" because although everyone seems to be calling him Present-elect, he isn't, not yet. So far all the American people have done is choose how their state representatives should vote at the Electoral College meeting which will actually choose the president. That will happen on December 15th. Only then will he have been "elected".

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Anonymous said...

There is one lawyer who is claiming that even if Obama was born in Hawaai he is still not eligible to become President. He says 'natural born citizen' excludes dual nationality citizens which Obama fully admits to because on his website 'fight the smears' he gives the information that he allowed his Kenyan citizenship to lapse at the age of 21. When he was born, Kenyan citizenship did not exist, so Obama would have been a British citizen as well as an American citizen. The founding fathers were particularly keen to make sure that no President had British citizenship so thats why they put in the constitution the term 'natural born citizen'rather than 'a born citizen of the US'. If his interpretation is correct neither Obama or McCain were eligible.

This lawyer's lawsuit has gone through the state courts and is now at the Supreme Court of the USA. A clerk took it upon himself to block the case before the elections but the lawyer is fighting hard to get the case heard before Dec 15th.