Friday, 28 November 2008

London police take taxpayers' money

First, let's look at the caste of characters in this sorry story...

This is Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur of the London Metropolitan Police.
Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur: not a happy bunny

And here we have his boss, Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, top cop for all of London...

Commissioner Sir Ian Blair: racist?

Back in June, A. C. Ghaffur accused his own force of racism against him and his own boss of various iniquities including not renewing his contract and sidelining him. He launched a court case for compensation. (Link)

By November Ghaffur had withdrawn the worst of his allegations, the court case is off, but he has received an undisclosed financial "compensation" thought to be around £800,000. (Link)

Ghaffur is to leave the police and is expected to seek a security-related position with the London 2012 Olympics Delivery Authority. (Ironically Sir Ian Blair has in the mean time also upset his own boss, the Mayor of London, Bonking Boris, and been canned. He leaves today with a pay-off circa £200,000. Sir Ian is expected to write a book.)

So happy ending for everyone? Pay-offs all round. Well, one loser does come to mind: the taxpayer!

If Sir Ian really did the bad things Ghaffur originally accused him of why was he not disciplined and why is the taxpayer paying the compensation instead of him? And if he did not (the allegations were withdrawn remember) why is Ghaffur getting a penny of our money? This feels like daylight robbery by the very people who are supposed to protect us from such things!

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