Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Northumberland publican arrested for newspaper display


Meet Peter Mailer, owner of the Black Bull Hotel in Warkworth, Northumberland:

Peter Mailer, publican
Peter Mailer: Publican

Police raided the Black Bull on Tuesday, 2nd December, because an off-duty senior police officer from Nottingham had visited and seen a display of newspaper clippings Peter had put up.

They took down the clippings and arrested Peter. He was taken to Alnwick Police Station, along with the cuttings, where he was interviewed under caution. He has now been bailed to return to the station on December 23, when he will learn whether or not the Crown Prosecution Service will charge him.

What the clippings said I don't know. But they were all from nationally published newspapers.

But Peter's real crime of course is that he is a supporter of the British National Party. No doubt the unnamed senior police officer, who did not complain at the time of his visit to Peter's pub, just made a sneaky report later, will have earned many brownie points from his political masters for this underhand harassment.

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