Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Don't mess with the Royal Navy

Check out this baby...

That's HMS Daring, the first of the Royal Navy's order of six Type-45 destroyers. Its primary function is air defence, and in this role it is supposedly the most capable ship in the world, able to track and engage up to six cricket-ball sized objects travelling at three-times the speed of sound at the same time. It can completely command the airspace within a [classified] mile radius (thought to be more than a 100 miles!)

One slight ouch, it cost six-and-half billion pounds!

However naval officers from around the world who have been on board are said to be drooling with envy.

Sister ships Dauntless, Diamond, and Dragon are already in the water, although not handed over to the navy yet, with Defender and Duncan still in the shipyard.

You see Gaza, you needed one of these!

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