Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Jews are fighting the Arabs again

I suppose something should be said about the current situation in the Middle East. Hamas, based in the Gaza strip (a 30 mile long, 10 mile wide strip of land on the Med coast which would be prime real estate in other circumstances) have fired several hundred Iranian-built rockets, smuggled in through Egypt, into southern Israel and successfully killed three Israelis. In retaliation the Israelis have dropped American bombs from their American F16s and killed about five hundred Gazians.

Hamas seem to favour storing their munitions in, and launching them from, mosques, schools and hospitals. Their logic might be that the Israelis won’t shoot back because of the danger to non-combatants. That might have been their logic the first time they tried it. Since they now know that the Israelis will always shoot back, regardless of the risk to innocents, it can’t be their logic anymore. So their current logic must be that the deaths of innocents including children and hospital patients at the hands of the IDF is actually a good thing because it makes the Israelis look like villains.

So we can safely say:

1) It’s a very dirty little war.

2) It’s a proxy war. The Americans are fighting the Iranians; both sides using proxies.

I suppose one could ask: which side is in the right?

Well, the Gazians shouldn’t be sending rockets into Israel, but Israel shouldn’t have founded their state in someone else’s land. So the Hamas action could be regarded as defensive or retaliatory, but the (modern) state of Israel was founded in 1948 so it might be time for the Arabs to accommodate themselves to the fact. Probably the best any third-party involvement can hope to achieve is a return to a peaceful status quo.


Anonymous said...

Well said! The Jewish people have no other homeland, the Palestinians refused to accept the UN's conditions which would have established a Palestinian state, there have always been Jews living in what is now Israel, and historically the land was once theirs.

A good book to read on the subject is Whose Promised Land.

Nationalist said...

Indeed, as always the Arabs are their own worst enemies. However the Jewish 2,000 year old claim on the land is a bit tenuous - most Jews are not really descended from the "diaspora", their ancestors converted to Judaism more recently.

But, Israel exists and isn't going away, so the Arabs really need to learn how to work the situation more to their advantage. This means speaking with one voice and making demands of Israel that Israel could actually accommodate.

Anonymous said...


You wrote:
"but the (modern) state of Israel was founded in 1948 so it might be time for the Arabs to accommodate themselves to the fact."

Should British Nationalists also accomodate to the fact that immigrants (who are happy to be ruled by natives and not kill them) have settled here.

Nationalist said...

Anon, The BNP, at least, has no "blacks out" policy. We accept that immigrants who are already here will remain here provided (1) they are lawfully here - ie, not illegal immigrants, and (2) they are law-abiding whilst here.

A BNP government would get the UK out of the EU and some Eastern Europeans would lose the right to work here; work permits would be issued on a reciprocal basis and if, say, 1,000 Brits wanted to work in Romania then we'd be happy to have 1,000 Romanians working here.

However, if we limit the consideration to British Citizens then yes, we accept the immigrant presence forever.

(There are of course more rightwing parties to which this is heresy; they want all non-whites out. However this is a BNP-supporting blog.)

The BNP does have policy for VOLUNTARY repatriation for immigrants. This would be grant-assisted emigration for immigrants who find the UK is not to their liking after all.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Nationalist,

The Zionists came from Europe and established their state by force on Palestinian land. Would British Nationalists accept immigrants doing a similar thing? And send natives to live in, say .. Cornwall? Would the natives be expected to "recognise" the new state?

I do not ideologically support the Islamists but for the sake of argument I wish to point out that
Hamas welcome the Jews to live in Palestine under their control as Dhimmis.

Nationalist said...

Hi Anon, funnily enough your hypothetical scenario is pretty much what is already happening in the UK, although it's the muslims doing it - not Zionists. And no, we nationalists don't accept it. But then it hasn't been a fait accompli for the past 60 years like it has in the Middle East. It is still something we can stop.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Nationalist,

The immigrants coming to this country come mainly to have a better life and for economic reasons. They certainly have no plans to take over the country. The Zionists had a specific plan to establish a Jewish state.

The blatant irony is that you should be supporting the Palestinians in their fight against Israel but you don't like Muslims. Or at least you have them as your main punchbag at the moment. Who's next? The Sikhs then the Hindus then the blacks then the Poles?

Also, what makes you think that western governments (particularly US and UK) will allow Islamists to take over their country when they refuse to accept any Islamist government arising anywhere in the World. In Somalia the Islamic government was treated as terrorists and attacked. The Palestinians democratically elected an Islamic government and it was rejected and opposed by the West.

Nationalist said...

Hi Anonymous, I have to disagree to a certain extent on the motivation for immigration to the UK. Some ethnicities are here purely for economic advantage, but Muslims want both the economic advantage and to convert the UK to an Islamic state, violently if necessary; not all Muslims, but enough to be troubling.

The Islamification process is not well advanced but is quite noticeable in increasing use of non-Western dress style, in territoriality about “Muslim areas”, and some community leaders make no bones about it; they don’t deny it at all.

The UK government is not attempting to stop the process. Quite the reverse in fact, the Muslim block vote makes it in their short-term interest to pander to Muslims. This is high order treachery; our country is being sold for political advantage.

The US is in a slightly different situation. The invaders there are not Muslims; they are Hispanic. They are attempting to convert the USA from a majority white, English-speaking nation to majority brown, Spanish-speaking. Again La Raza aren’t particularly attempting to hide their ambition.