Friday, 20 February 2009

Abu Qatada: Not wanted in Britain

Abu Qatada: Not wanted in Britain

Meet Abu Qatada, he's wanted in Algeria, the United States, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and his native Jordan, all for terrorism. He's not wanted in Britain. We can't get rid of him!

He entered the UK in 1993 using a forged passport and applied for asylum despite having passed through many safe countries to reach here. Amazingly, criminally, his application was accepted; we took him in.

Qatada was inspirational in the 9/11 attacks and involved in funding other muslim militant activity. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Jordan for involvement in a plot to bomb tourists. He was ruled too dangerous to be allowed at large in the UK and was locked up in HMP Belmarsh in 2002 pending his deportation. However he has clung to the UK like a limpet and his lawyers got him out of Belmarsh in 2008 - whereupon the government imposed a "control order", itself a legal abomination forced on us by muslim fundamentalism, to confine Qatada to his home. Now he has been awarded £2,500 as compensation by the European Court of Human Rights for his time in Belmarsh.

It has to be said that the compensation amounts to about £2 a day so the Court doesn't seem to feel a great sympathy for him.

I think it's time this fellow was pushed over the border and permanently denied access to the UK. He's not British; he has no British ancestry - so he has no inalienable right to be here. If there was someone you didn't like in your living room you'd just order them to leave; you wouldn't enter into protracted negotiations and legal contortions. Abu Qatada should just be kicked out - with no legal process.

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