Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Boycott Total & Fina

The story so far, in case you haven't been keeping up...

The French oil company Total is performing extensive work on its refinery in North Lincolnshire, for which it has appointed a contractor, engineering firm Jacobs, who in turn appointed a sub-contractor IREM - an Italian outfit.

IREM decided to bring in a team of Italian workers to do the job, rather than hire local people. It has moored up a cruise ship to accommodate them.

This is all quite legal - provided the small print of UK employment law is being honoured, but it is a slap in the face to British workers - and one really can't imagine the same happening in France or Italy with British workers.

So, the answer is simple. They don't hire our workers - we don't buy their petrol!

There are plenty of other places to buy petrol. In fact Shell is usually cheaper than Total anyway, and the supermarkets' own brands are cheaper still. There is really no need to buy from Total, so don't. And the Fina brand is also owned by Total so give them a miss too.

Total: Don't buy fuel here!


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