Friday, 6 February 2009

It's snowing - Britain closed!

Actually the snow has mainly gone from the London area now but I thought a little reality check on the snow clearing efforts of local authorities might be called for.

Do you really want to pay enough tax for your council to gear up with snowploughs, gritting trucks and massive piles of salt just to cope with a once-a-decade event? Because if you do I'm sure they could. Personally I don't.

And if you do think we should be prepared for these rare events have you got some of these for your car?

That's right, snow chains!

Because if you haven't even bothered to spend £50 and get yourself geared up why do you expect others to?

In last few days I have been out and about on our snowy roads in the South East of England and I haven't seen a single car properly equipped for snow, not even police vehicles. This type of kit is a legal requirement in some European countries; here we prefer to complain that the authorities aren't doing enough - while taking no measures ourselves.

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