Monday, 16 March 2009

BNP member attacked with hammer

From the BBC:

A British National Party (BNP) member was attacked with a hammer when protesters arrived at a campaign event in Greater Manchester.

Violence broke out as 30 people surrounded a BNP vehicle outside the Ellesmere Pub in St Helens Road in Leigh on Friday evening, said police.

Tony Ward, 48, was hit with a hammer and later treated in hospital.

A 25-year-old man arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm has since been given police bail.

A careful reading of the BBC's article won't tell you the whole truth about what actually happened. The BNP Chronical is more informative:

It has now been confirmed that Mr Ward was indeed struck with a claw hammer, rendering him unconscious. He received eleven stitches at the nearest hospital after being dragged to safety by fellow activist Andrew Tierney.

“If the Labour Party thinks they can break us with their street thugs, they are wrong,” Mr Ward told BNP News. “We are back, stronger than ever before, and we will not stop until we have rescued this country from the immigration invasion and Islamification nightmare to which the Tories and Labour have subjected us” said Tony Ward.

According to one of the barmaids at the Ellesmere pub where the event was held, members were also subjected to having abuse hurled at them whilst the meeting went ahead she said: "There were a few sat in the corner yelling things like 'Germans' and 'Nazis' at the peaceful lot at the meeting".

One black male [has been] arrested.

This blog has received information that the other 30-40 "antis" were also ethnics.

Edited to add:
Click on this image to see how the violence was organised.

Another edit:
Here's a video of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin explaining what happened that night.

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