Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Public turns on Muslim scum

We are all used to seeing Muslim protests on our TV screens; it doesn't take much to set them off and out they come, scruffy, bearded, robe-wearing Muslims chanting "Allah Akbar" and holding banners proclaiming Muslim aphorisms like "Behead the Unbelievers" and other such nice things. Another favourite chant is, "Bomb, bomb, USA! Bomb, bomb, UK!"

Yesterday 200 men of the Royal Anglian Regiment held their homecoming parade through the streets of Luton, arriving eventually at the town hall. They were cheered through the streets by a large crowd of well-wishers, some holding up banners thanking them for their work in Basra keeping the Iraqis from each other's throats.

There was also a small contingent of Muslims with a contrarian viewpoint...

So far, nothing to write home about.

But this time it was different; the crowd turned on the Muslims. The charge was led by a septuagenarian and others followed. The police had to back the Muslims into an alleyway and protect them from the outrage of ordinary British folk.

Here is some video footage:

Bear in mind the BBC has slightly censored what actually happened; eye-witnesses reporting to this blog have said there was a considerable struggle to get at the Muslims - whom the BBC refer to in all coverage as "anti-war protesters" which is true but entirely misses the point.

So this is the new thing. Previously the British public was supine in the face of outrageous Muslim provocation. Yesterday that changed.

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Wish we had more sense about "the curse of the civilized world" in this cuntry.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

dirty arab scum come to our country and abuse the brave soldiers defending it, fuck allah and their shit religion dirty goat fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

Anonymous said...

scum, if they hate the country so much why cant they fuck off back? absolute disgrace ruining the parade

Anonymous said...

I hate Tony Blair and his piss licking ugly wife, i hope they and their offspring contract cancer and die!

Anonymous said...

muslims are the cancer of the world! "Peaceful" religion or crazy cult? cancer!

Anonymous said...

Kick Islam out of Britain before the dirty scum take over, this countrys far too soft when it comes to those Islamic rag head brainwashed scumbags, bring back concentration camps and wipe the fucked out