Monday, 18 May 2009

Shaid Malik : "Justice" minister

Shahid Malik was the first muslim to hold high office in a British government.

Last week his career ended in ignomy as he was found to have abused the generosity of the British taxpayer by claiming, amongst other things, £2,600 for a home cinema system and £730 for a massage chair for his London home - under rules which stipulate that only expenses necessary for his work may be claimed. Over three years he claimed £66,827 - the absolute maximum possible.

Shahid Malik and Tahir Zaman

Although he claimed his London home as his "second" home, his first home in his constituency of Dewsbury in North West England was a house rented for a less than market rate from his friend the convicted slum landlord Tahir Zaman, which in fact appears to be occupied by someone else entirely.

One of Malik's cheekier expense claims was £65 for a court summons for not paying council tax.

Malik may be seen in this YouTube video anticipating the muslim takeover of parliament.


I think it's fair to say we do not need his ilk in our government.

Daily Telegraph

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Anonymous said...

The £66,000 plus he scammed the tax payers for is nothing when he gave £1bn of our taxes to his ethnic projects across the world.

Shame the BBC has nothing to say about his rant where he says all MP's will soon be Msulims in the UK or do they only save that for the news for the BNP.

Treason and revolution are two words that spring to mind.