Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The government is disintegrating

This morning Hazel Blears, Communities Secretary and MP for Lilliput (alright, Salford), resigned from the government. This follows Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's indication yesterday that she is also leaving. Blears seems to have aimed for maximum embarrassment for the Prime Minister - contrary to normal practise her resignation letter did not praise the PM at all, and she timed her resignation to just before Prime Minister's Questions so he would be given a mauling by Cameron in the Commons; which he duly was.

Rumours abound that a couple of other ministers, including the ill-starred Caroline Flint, currently Minister for Europe, will resign in short order. Possibly they are just waiting for PMQs to be over and will just go this afternoon.

Gordon Brown is starting to look isolated - and for him that's not a good look.

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Dan said...

Good riddance - the sooner we have a general election the better for Britain!

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

Indeed! If a general election was held soon, we may be in with a chance of winning a couple of seats...