Monday, 29 June 2009

Labour steal BNP clothes

We're all used to Labour stealing Tory clothes. The Tories are so used to it they are reluctant to publish any policy except under the pressure of an imminent election - they know they'd be seeing their ideas under a Labour logo pretty soon.

But Gordon Brown is now swiping BNP policies; well trying to anyway. First it was "British Jobs For British Workers," which would go down well at any BNP gathering, and today we have "British Houses For British People," in which "local people" will have a higher priority on public housing lists.

It has long been a source of anger to the BNP-voting classes that they languish for years on housing waiting lists and along comes Johnny-Foreigner, leaps the queue, and is ensconced in his own house PDQ. Of course Johnny-Foreigner doesn't have any legal priority; it's all decided by points, and children are worth lots of points - and strangely J-F often has quite a swarm in tow. This doesn't prevent a lot of gnashing of teeth among the less prolific Brits being pushed to the back of the list.

However, although Gordon steals BNP clothes, he never quite puts them on. British Jobs For British Workers never actually happened - no legislation was enacted to effect change on the ground. We wait with baited breath to see if British Houses For British People fares any better. I suspect it will never actually happen.

Link: BBC

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