Friday, 10 July 2009

Heretical Two jailed but still heretical

In case you haven't been following this story, first meet the Heretical Two:

Simon Shepperd, Steven Whittle

More than a year ago these two were prosecuted for inciting racial hatred online. They had written various anti-black, anti-female and anti-Jewish tracts and published them on the internet using a US-based server, and hence were protected by the Americans' First Amendment right to free speech.

When hauled before Leeds Crown Court their "free speech" defence didn't work and they were convicted. While on bail, before sentencing they both fled the country, going first to Ireland and thence on to Los Angeles where, despite having been freely admitted to the USA, they found an immigration officer and asked for political asylum. They were duly incarcerated and spent a year in jail before being deported back to the UK. Today they appeared once again at Leeds Crown Court for sentencing: Shepperd got five years and Whittle, two and half.

The true irony is that, because they used an American web server, their "illegal" publications are still available - you can read them all here: And it looks like these documents, serious enough to warrant a five year jail term, will remain freely available to all through-out the jail term and afterwards. That's somewhat bizarre.

(If you intend to read the heretical website be aware that Steven Whittle writes under the penname "Luke O'Farrell".)

Link: BBC

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