Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Jurors quizzed over BNP membershp

Three muslims found guilty at Leeds Crown Court on 28 counts of sexual offences against an underage white girl have been sentenced to a total of 18 years in jail.

So far, so normal.

The unusual aspect of this trial is that the judge demanded to know the jury's political affiliations; each was quizzed to find out if he or she was a member of, or otherwise associated with, the British National Party. And worse, the judge ordered that this political vetting could not be reported by the national media!

This would seem to place a legitimate political party in some kind of legal isolation. Would BNP members have been kicked off that jury? If so, can a BNP member being tried insist there are no muslims on his jury? The precedent would seem to have been set.

And why was this part of the proceedings, and only this part - excluding the victim's identity naturally - barred from being reported. This has a flavour of the judge knowing he was doing wrong but doing it anyway.

Link: BNP article

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