Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Harriet Harman, playing while the cat is away

The "cat" in question being Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, who is on his summer hols in Scotland - he doesn't seem to share Tony Blair's liking for Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt or an Italian villa borrowed off Berlusconi.

Harminator: Loose on the streets

Harriet Harcreature, deputy PM and "Equality" minister is standing in as leader and finding her master's firm grip briefly removed from her career has taken to touring television studios bleating about "women in power" and advancing the thesis that one of the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Labour Party should always be a woman.

I doubt anyone hearing her women-should-have-more-power refrain can miss the implication that the woman she is mainly concerned about is herself. Let's not forget: there must be a general election within 10 months; Labour will lose; Gordon Brown will resign the party leadership; that will leave a vacancy.

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