Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Judge Trigger getting slapped down

Three or four posts back I reported on one Judge Trigger who spoke out against the government's total incompetence on immigration while handing down a sentence to a Jamaican illegal immigrant drug dealer.

Judge Ian Trigger: To be investigated

But the powers-that-be have taken exception to the good Judge's plain speaking and he's in hot water. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge (yes, really!) referred the judge's comments to the Office for Judicial Complaints which will consider whether his words "extended overtly into the political arena".

My take would be that since Judge Trigger was commenting on the failure to apply law and policy and not the rightness or wrongness of said policy he's in the clear - officially.

Of course we all know the government has an unofficial policy of flooding the country with immigrants, legal or otherwise, by fair means or foul, so they interpret Judge Trigger's remarks as opposing their policy. But since its their unstated, unofficial policy, they can hardly complain if the judiciary don't toe the line.

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North Northwester said...

Well done Trigger, I said at the time.
In a way, I hope that they have a go at him all the way - because he told the bald truth and it's time someone with a bit of clout and a backbone said so where it can't be hidden or shouted sown by selected BBC audiences.