Friday, 18 September 2009

Baroness Scotland in hot water

Meet Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General for England and Wales (but not Scotland.)

She's an immigrant from Dominica and actually has no connection with Scotland at all - "Scotland" is just her family name. Her job as Attorney General makes her chief legal advisor to the "Crown", ie, to the UK Government.

Well, turns out she's being employing another immigrant, this one illegal and from Tongo, as a maid at her London home. Oops! Still, she claims she checked the illegal immigrant's documents when she hired her - it was the "over-staying student visa" trick.

Couple of problems here: one, a student visa doesn't let you take gainful employment anyway, and two, New Labour has bastardised the criminal justice system so much that they actually removed the mens rea defence by creating a "civil offense". So Baroness Scotland could be facing a £10,000 fine in a civil court even if she genuinely didn't know the maid was illegal.

Time to get beamed up, Baroness!

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