Monday, 7 September 2009

Islamification in action: Churchyard bulldozed to make way for mosque

The BNP website has a pictorial article which illustrates Islamification in action.

I've taken the liberty of reproducing some of the pictures here.

This is St John's Church in the parish of Longsight, Manchester.

This is the attached graveyard, where parishioners have been buried since 1845.

This is what happened to the graveyard after the church was converted into a mosque.

Here are the cherished tombstones, no more than rubble.

And lastly we see the "church" once again open for business with its front door adorned with a foreign script and badly spelt English.

And the story is complete. A small part of our heritage, our historical record, the graves of our ancestors, is wiped out as though it was never there.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I missed this on the BNP website! Thanks.

Revolutionary said...

This really makes me sad.

How can these people be so disrespectful to those both dead, and those who value our heritage.

What a beautiful place. Poisoned by Islam.

And those who are already dead...

This is really just awful.

Anonymous said...

That story is actually a lie and has been fabricated by racists. Its typical of the BNP,

Please people use your brains- challenge what the media tell you, don't believe everything straight away. Have your own views and do not let yourself slip down to the level of bigots and racists. That is not and never has been what Britain is about.

The BNP and similar groups invent and manipulate the truth to mislead their support groups. I do not want to start a flame war I just want to highlight how easily people can be manipulated to think a certain way.

I want to leave with this comment made by no other than Joseph Goebbels- “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

Revolutionary said...

In no way can you back such a statement up. It's not a lie, there's even bloody video footage of the place being pummelled to the ground.

Nationalists aren't the bigots here. We tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

If you look at pictures two and two you can see the same digger parked in exactly the same spot. So to imply that these are before and after shots is clearly untrue.

Anonymous said...

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