Friday, 16 October 2009

BNP vs CEHR, no score draw--so far

As you know the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR) is taking legal action in the London County Court against the BNP to force the party to open its membership to ethnic minorities. Since the party was founded to represent the natives of these islands this doesn't come naturally.

However the BNP has now promised to look at changing the party's constitution to bring it into line with what the CEHR considers lawful. On the basis of this promise the judge has adjourned the case until the 28th January next year. There was a price however for stopping the case - the party had to promise to take on no new members until its constitution is changed and approved by the judge. An Emergency General Meeting will be held next month to consider this.

This membership freeze of course explains why the party has recently been bombarding its supporter base with offers of discounted life membership, said offers being accompanied by such a sternly worded warning that they were very time-limited that all recipients could hardly fail to see the writing on the wall. The party has been trying to draw in all potential members before the gates had to be shut. Now they are shut; they may not re-open until next year.

There is a downside to this. Next week the BNP chairman, Nick Griffin, is scheduled to appear on BBC1's Question Time, which is more mainstream publicity than the party has ever had. This could have swelled the membership quite substantially. Now applications will have to be put on ice until the party is allowed to re-open its doors.

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