Monday, 5 October 2009

Double standards at the BBC

When Strictly Come Dancing contender Laila Rouass emerged from her fake tanning session her professional partner Anton Du Beke (originally, Anthony Beke) exclaimed, "You look like a Paki!"

Laila & "Anton"

Rouass is half-Indian/half-Morrocan so presumably looks a little "like a Paki" at the best of times. About 15 people heard this remark and before long the BBC thought police had dived in. The case was somewhat reminiscent of Carol Thatcher, who said a black tennis player's hair looked like, "a golliwog's".

The outcome however was very different.

Anton Du Beke apologised and that was the end of the matter as far as the BBC was concerned. Carol Thatcher apologised and was fired.

Why the different standards? One suspects that Carol was being punished for the sins of her mother.

Daily Mirror

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