Monday, 5 October 2009

Irish vote to adopt Lisbon treaty

As expected then, the Irish have voted by 67% to 33% to adopt the Lisbon treaty. It seems those who changed their vote think the EU will somehow help them with their crashing property market and their 12% unemployment.

So, just Poland and the Czech Republic to go. Poland is expected to sign within the next few days - the Czech parliament has voted and passed the treaty but it has to be okayed by their constitutional court. It remains to be seen how much of an obstacle that will be.

Then it's a done deal.

Let us remind ourselves of some of the provisions of the Lisbon treaty:

  • Legal "personality" for the EU. It can make its own treaties; declare war; sue you for libel if you critise it.

  • Changes the name of members from "countries" to "states". Guess where this is leading?

  • Can force member states to change their domestic law against their will. Expect a holocaust-denial law real soon now.

  • Gives the EU total control over our fishing grounds.

  • Forces every member to provide every other member with unlimited military assistance.

  • There's an escalator clause which allows new clauses to be added without re-ratification. In this sense it's the "last" treaty. In the future new provisions can be quietly implemented without drama, just a vote in the European council.

  • They can change the voting rules on the fly. Something which requires unanimity today could become qualified majority voting tomorrow.

  • There's a two year lock-in. This could be considered a good thing since previous EU treaties didn't have get out clauses at all. But the lock-in is very onerous. The departing member immediately loses all voting rights but is still bound by all EU rules for the next two years.

So it's a major assault on democracy and self-determination. Even a Europhile should be opposed to it.


Anonymous said...

Is this for real or an exaggeration? I admit I *still* don't know whats in the Lisbon Treaty...

Nationalist said...

Why don't you read it for yourself? The consolidated text is here:

It's only 478 pages long - have fun, I did!