Thursday, 15 October 2009

Islamification of Trafalgar Square

Islam for the UK, a hard-line muslim organisation, who seem convinced that the blanket imposition of Sharia Law is imminent in the UK are planning a march on the 31st of October.

They will start outside parliament, then visit the Prime Minister at Downing Street (in practice, of course, they won't actually get into Downing Street - there are big black gates to stop that sort of thing) and then on to Trafalgar Square, picking up supporters from the general public along the way.

In preparation for this they have redesigned the Square to make it Sharia-compliant. First, that statue of Nelson must go - statues are idolatry. Here's the new one...

The column remains but Nelson has been replaced with a clock programmed to sound out the call to prayer five times a day. Above the clock you can see the black flag of Islam.

The bronze lions guarding Nelson will be melted down. They are also heretical. The bronze will be used to make artillery pieces, because Islam for the UK are expecting an attack by France. (This is slightly bizarre, France is much further down the road to Islam than us - they will be Islamic first.)

However the changes are not all bad. They also plan to put out pots of gold coins so that the poor may help themselves. The pots will be replenished as required; although they don't expect that to be very often since under Sharia everyones needs will be taken care of anyway, so there won't be any poor.

My suggestion would be to put out the pots now and not wait for full Sharia as that could take a while.

Islam4UK - March

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