Monday, 23 November 2009

Cumbria flooded with water but not money

In the last week 900 residents of Cockermouth have been flooded out of their homes or businesses. All the bridges are closed due to structural fears and several have been washed away - one with a police officer (Pc Bill Barker) on it at the time.

Gordon Brown flew in, toured the area, and pledged £1 million of government money as a contribution towards the estimated £100 million costs.

In the same time period the government has given £1 million to Sri Lanka for displaced persons camps, £2 million to South Waziristan for food and water, £1.5 million for road safety to the World Bank, £34 million for expectant mothers in Sierra Leone, and so on, amounting to £239 million in the last week alone.

Surely the people of Cumbria should have first call on our national largess at this time.


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