Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Organised child abuse in the UK

The subject of the sexual abuse of children in the UK by organised networks has reared its ugly head again. This time the children's charity Barnardos has raised the issue.

From the Times...

A secret network of organised child sex traffickers is operating within Britain according to the charity Barnardo’s.

Approximately one in six of the sexually exploited children currently being helped by the organisation say they have been moved between cities and passed around between paedophiles.

Martin Narey, chief executive of Barnardo’s, warned of a “hidden” problem in which vulnerable youngsters, many of whom have run away from home, are shunted around the country to increase their isolation.

“Through our work with children abused through prostitution, it became apparent that some young people were being moved around the UK, or from town to town, by abusing adults who would use the children for the purpose of sexual exploitation,” he said.

The charity said it was currently working with 609 sexually exploited children and young people, 90 of whom appeared to have been trafficked within the UK.

One of the victims of this trade, Imogen, ran away from her care home at the age of 12 with an older man she thought was her boyfriend.

She was groomed by a man who treated her well – giving her a mobile phone and the keys to a flat to use – before he began to abuse her.

“He was much older, he was protective – I felt looked after, wanted, loved even. He gave me everything I wanted,” she said, but soon she was being driven to “parties” around Britain where she was told to have sex with his friends.

“I didn’t have any choice – I felt so guilty. Eventually, he’d take me all over the country: Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, London. He’d take me to hotels, some nights two or three.

“I never saw any money change hands. Some men asked ‘How old is she?’ Some asked ‘Have you got any younger?’ They were really sick.”

The bit they never tell you, which you might just glean from the references to Leeds and Bradford, is that the abusers are usually Asian men following their Prophet's example - Mohammed married a seven year old girl, Aisha, and enjoyed sexual relations with her when she was nine.

The victims are white girls "absconded" from care homes.

No mainstream media organisation is prepared to report the ethnic aspect of this crime. They are muzzled by our draconian "anti-hate" laws.

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blueknight said...

I feel sure that the subject of asian men 'picking on' white girls was going to be aired on TV but it was taken off air at the last moment.