Monday, 2 November 2009

Sharia4UK march

Well, I expect you're wondering what happened on the Sharia4UK march in London on Saturday last, where the plan was for hundreds, if not thousands, of muslims to meet in Parliament Square at 1PM and then thunder down Whitehall picking up more supporters en route before arriving at Trafalgar Square for speeches. The way they made it sound Sharia would be de facto law by nightfall.

What actually happened is this: the day before they claimed to have received some email and text threats and so moved the whole shebang to an "undisclosed location". The location was so secret that in fact nobody turned up. Nothing happened.

Some English Defence League protesters did turn out; about 30 of them. They wandered down Whitehall from Trafalgar Sq, stopping off for a few minutes to pay their respects to the "Glorious Dead" at the Cenotaph. With no muslims to attack it was a very tame affair - heavily policed though.

The most significant event in Westminster that afternoon was a drive-by of about 500 motorcyclists protesting at Westminster Council's attempt to impose parking charges on bikes and tighten up the rules on parking on the pavement and such liberties. They were peaceful but noisy and doubtless very annoying for the motorists they held up for a five minutes or so.

We must conclude that Sharia in the UK is not imminent.

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