Wednesday, 2 December 2009

243 sick babies, only 18 from the UK

At the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital neonatal ward for sick babies they have 243 patients – of whom only 18 are from the UK! One of those 18 patients, possibly disgusted at how the NHS was being abused, recently leaked this map on which each patient's mother had placed a red dot to show her country of origin.

People arguing in favour of immigration sometimes trot out the line that the NHS would be crippled without foreign workers; they claim as many as 45% of NHS workers are immigrants. Of course they forget to mention that many of those are cleaners who could easily be replaced by our own native unemployed.

But now we see that in this case at least 45% of staff may be foreign but 93% of patients are foreign.

Each of these 225 foreign babies potentially represents a lifetime of expense to the British taxpayer.

Daily Mail

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