Wednesday, 10 February 2010

BBC 'hides' Hindu victory

There's been another turn of the screw as the multicultural tide overwhelms British custom and tradition. An Indian grandfather from Newcastle has won the right in the Court of Appeal to be cremated in the open air when he dies, in accordance with his Hindu beliefs. This has always previously been held to be against English law which requires cremation in a closed building. (Link)

However this post isn't about that. This blog doesn't really care how people want their remains disposed of, provided it's hygienic and doesn't involve throwing the widow on the pyre at the same time. (That would require a whole other trip to the Appeal Court!)

No, this post is about the insidious way the BBC tries to downplay the overwriting of British law and customs with an alien creed. The Indian in this story lives in Newcastle; was appealing against a Newcastle City Council ruling in the English Court of Appeal (having previously lost in the High Court) and the BBC files this story under... Europe!

Check it out...

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So, nothing to do with England or the UK then?! It's foreign news, don't you know!

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