Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Commander Ali Dizaei goes down

Meet Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei, at this moment in time one of the most senior police officers in the United Kingdom, although that won't be for long since he has just been sentenced to two years in jail for assault and false arrest.

Cmdr Ali Dizaei: Jailbird

Dizaei's rank puts him just a couple of rungs below the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police - the UK's top cop. It's really quite amazing that he has reached such a lofty position considering he is of Iranian origin, speaks broken English and has spent most of the last ten years being investigated for, on suspension pending trial for, or actually on trial for, a range of offences such as misuse of a police credit card, perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office and making false expense claims. Until yesterday he had never been found guilty of any of these allegations.

He is said to be a close friend of an officer we have met before on this blog...

Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur: Friend of Dizaei

Back in June 2008 A. C. Ghaffur accused his own force of racism against him and his own boss, the Met Commissioner, of various iniquities including not renewing his contract and sidelining him. He launched a court case for compensation.

By November Ghaffur had withdrawn the worst of his allegations, the court case was off, but he had received an undisclosed financial "compensation" thought to be around £800,000.

These two officers seem to be two of kind: professional ethnics riding high on political correctness who see racism under every bush and have been promoted way about their ability level by screeching loudly and causing top brass to become fearful of appearing to discriminate.

The police forces of our land are now riddled with Orwellian Nu-Think. Diversity courses are compulsory for officers of all ranks and the simple catching of criminals of yesteryear has given way to box ticking faddy self-abasement to the PC culture.

Promotion is no-longer based on thief-taking or even time served. Rather the ambitious officer must compile a dossier of evidence that he has reached out to the community; pandered to minority interests, and performed extensive metaphorical auto-flagellation for having dared don a uniform and tried to serve and protect the rest of us.

And in this climate the conforming mediocrities have clambered over the good officers, and the likes of Dizaei and Ghaffur have reached the top.

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