Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Immigrants costing the taxpayer dear

Two tales of immigrants living off British taxpayers for you. First, here's Nimco Ibrahim...

Nimco Ibrahim: Takes home £1,000pcm of taxpayers' money, plus housing costs paid for by council.

Ibrahim, shown above with her 36'' TV, her high-speed broadband, a Playstation 3 and some pirated DVDs, has won a case at the European Court of Human Rights allowing her to remain in this country and live off benefits despite her being a Somali national with no rights in the UK. She is not British, her four children are not British. Her only claim to our largess is that she used to be married to another Somali who obtained a Danish passport and he used to work in the UK as a bus driver, before living on benefits in the UK when he gave up that job.

Ibrahim's children are in school in England and according to the ECHR that is sufficient to "anchor" her to the UK. Now, we the taxpayers, must support her and her brood for decades to come, probably the rest of her life if we're being realistic. Shamefully the British charity Shelter paid for Ibrahim's legal costs, possibly using your donations.

To cap it all the cheeky woman complains that her free house isn't big enough!

The second story is more generalised. This is Madhur Hussein, an Asian living in the West Midlands...

Hussein: sans hand, sans feet, sans eyes

Poor Mr Hussein suffers from type II diabetes and has lost one hand, two feet and his eyesight; a cause for sympathy you might think. Think again - type II diabetes is a lifestyle choice. Over-eating and under-exercising are the primary causes, and one in four of all Asians in this country has it. Mr Hussein is merely an exemplar of his kind.

The prevalence of diabetes in the white population is about one in four hundred!

The Asian population must be costing us a fortune in medical bills. On top of diabetes they also have a far greater propensity to congenital disease and disability due to persistent inbreeding (marrying cousins usually) and they are also more prone to rickets due to wearing inappropriate clothing; eg burkhas.

Any argument in favour of immigration should factor in these costs.

Daily Mail


Jade said...

Many years ago,a colleague of mine(from the West Indies),used to brong her mother over from Trinidad to obtain, new glasses,dentures and have her diabetes stabilised. All this at the British taxpayer's expense.I also remember, whilst working as a student midwife, women from the Indian sub continent and Africa coming to this country to give birth.I am talking about thirty years ago;if one questioned this the reply would be, that they were "entitled" to such benefits.If this "free loading" has been allowed for so long is it any wonder Britain is so broke?We do not seem to know where to draw the line. Would we be able to use their welfare benefits ? I doubt it, (even if they had such things).Unless we leave the EU we really have no chance of stopping this daylight robbery.

Nationalist said...

You're quite right Jade, the only way to get free of the ECHR is to leave the EU - only then can we stop this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Utter insanity!

Anonymous said...

What does it matter now anyway? Weimar inflation is going to wipe you all out anyway. And guess what? Johnny foreigner will leave too! Jim Rogers is right. Thatcher was a chancer who rode on the back of North Sea oil. UK has been living on borrowed time ever since. Now reality is back. Sucks to be english, eh? bwhahahaha

Nationalist said...

If only Johnny Foreigner would leave! I'm afraid JF is very keen on his/her welfare cheques/free housing/free medical/free education for the brood and won't be keen to relinquish them.