Thursday, 18 February 2010

Video tape shortage in Dubai: all used up by Mossad death squad!

Meet the gang: that's 001 through 0011 - all licensed to kill!

002: I would!

The story so far, in case you haven't been keeping up, is that Gaza-born but Syrian-resident Palestinian terrorist Mahmoud Abdel Rauf al-Mabhouh travelled to Dubai in order to meet with Iranians to organise some more weapons to use against Israel and was murdered in his hotel room by Mossad spooks.

The above of course is conjecture, but it seems about right.

Al-Mabhouh was a pleasant fellow, well-liked by friends and family, since his teens he was a career murderer, blowing up shops, abducting and killing Israeli soldiers; never really had what you might call a proper job.

Al-Mabhouh: Knock, knock! Who's there?

Of course he knew that he was a marked man. He normally travelled with bodyguards but on this trip the plane was full and he had to leave them behind. (If Mossad "engineered" the plane "being full" then - respect!) On the 19th Jan 2010 he checked into the Rotana Hotel in Dubai and specified he wanted no balcony and sealed windows - can't be too careful!

Later the same day he was killed by the Mossad team.

Which is where you have you have start wondering at Mossad's commonsense. Eleven agents! (And there was a twelfth man, a fixer who left the scene before the murder.) Does it really take 11 agents for one murder? "M" would have expected 007 to handle one small murder on his tod. And these agents didn't meet in backrooms for covert planning sessions, no they had a control centre in Austria which they kept phoning every few minutes to find out what was going on. Nice, put your control centre in a European country with an efficient intelligence service, why not?

And then, the actual killing, a single bullet from a silenced pistol, a brief agonised look on the victim's face before he drops stone dead? Nope, they electrocuted-suffocated-strangled him to death! It sounds like it was mayhem in that hotel bedroom. I'm guessing they used tasers to stun Mr Al-Mabhouh and improvised with what they could find to perform the actual killing. Here's a pro tip guys: Walther PPK - works every time. All that messing around with pillows and kettle cords is just unseemly. There's also the barbiturate enema, but that's more CIA.

But none of that is the real story. No the real story is that all twelve of these Mossad 007s used false passports! And very cheekily some of them used false British passports. They also used false Irish, French and German passports, but that's not important. No, using false British passports is a very serious matter - Gordon Brown said so on the news last night.

Mossad often picks on Anglosphere nations when printing off false passports; Canadian is a perennial favourite. Why? Well they're Israelis. They speak Hebrew natively and English as a second language. They couldn't pass for Arab anywhere in the Arab world so they choose English-speaking nations. Amusingly they never pretend to be Americans, no Siree, if they did that Obama would stroke his white cat in the Oval Office and say, "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!" (OK, actually if they pissed off the Americans the next consignment of complimentary F117s wouldn't have that nice pink gift wrap they like so much.)

So, to summarise, 12 agents charged around Dubai getting their faces on CCTV all over the place, they used false passports traceable back to Israel, they left a bigger trail than a herd of bison that have just seen a rattlesnake; they've pissed off a load of friendly nations and across the world their ambassadors are being called in for bollockings.

The whole operation was so completely amateurish that perhaps it wasn't Mossad after all!

Mahmoud Abdel Rauf al-Mabhouh
Rotana hotels
Walther PPK
Mossad homepage
Oval office
White cat


Anonymous said...

002 would kick your butt!

Anonymous said...

"perhaps it wasn't Mossad after all!"

far left, bottom row bloke is without a doubt Jewish, so it was Mossad, and given that the passports seem to be all sourced from dual citizen Israelis, it couldn't be anyone else.

God's H-ly Tr-b- don't care that ordinary people are increasingly aware of their crimes as they have all the politicians in their pocket

Nationalist said...

Actually if any of them looks particularly Jewish it's got to be Mr Top Row, 2nd from Right. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature is that 8 out of the 11 wear glasses. I imagine your typical death squad isn't a bunch of bookworms.

Anonymous said...

I can't see your nomination clearly enough. Top Row, Far Left is also another certain Jew - its the eyes.

The word in Dubai is that not only did the hit squad use valid passports of these dual citizen Israelis they also used their credit cards as well to pay for the airflights. These dual citizen Israelis need to be arrested as accessories to murder should they travel outside of Israel.

And by the way Mossad have been caught red-handed loads of times eg Lavon Affair