Monday, 1 March 2010

Which country has 2,362,231,414 voters?

Yes, 2.3 billion voters, which country has that many? India? No not quite - over a billion though. China? No, only half that many. USA? Nope, fewer than 300 million registered voters - just a tiddler in the democracy stakes.

Since you'll never guess, I'll tell you - it's the United Kingdom! That's because all Commonwealth and all European Union citizens can vote in the UK (subject to coming here and putting their names on the list.)

I guess that makes us the biggest democracy in the world. Unfortunately it means our government is far keener on pandering to foreigners than looking after the interests of the natives of these Islands.


Anonymous said...

It's rich when you think I am British and they don't let me vote - no I'm not banged up, or a lord, just living in the good olde USA, isn't that part of the commonwealth? After all we do have a black guy in charge :-)

Nationalist said...

No the USA is not part of the commonwealth. They had some sort of revolution and now we're not talking to them. The big commonwealth countries are India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Bantu Education said...

Yes and new members which were never British in any way are lining up to join the Commonwealth.

Somalia should be next as there are so many of the parasites already in Britafristan..!

Oh, are they already in?

How about Sudan then? Its decrepit, its black, its moslem, its full of potential terrorists which Brits can then "learn to understand" why they hate you so much.

Makes perfect sense!