Friday, 30 April 2010

Last leaders' debate

To Brum, to watch our glorious Leaders at Birmingham University offer their wares for our consideration. Also available on BBC1.

All-in-all it was a turgid affair; the main entertainment to be had was trying to predict which diversity-balanced politically-correct person the BBC had picked to ask the next question. From memory it went something like this: first was an Indian, then an older black man, then an older black woman, then an older white man, then an older white woman, then a younger white man, then a younger white woman and so on until every possible 'community' had been exhausted.

The leaders themselves were largely boring. They've all mastered the art of memorising the questioner's name and using it back in the answer; they all stare with utter sincerity straight down the camera at every opportunity - although the director foxed them from time to time by going to a side short and making them look a bit silly.

"Dave" Cameron had the only joke when he said that under Labour there had been nine energy ministers and two of them were the same person. No-one laughed though, that was verboten. He also landed the only real punch when he mentioned joining the euro to Nick Clegg; Cleggy showed a moment of real fear but quickly recovered.

Cleggy has developed a debating trick which he used to good effect. When "Dave" and Gordon are slagging each other off he looks straight into camera and shrugs as if to say they're just naughty boys. Gordon tried that line in the first debate but he delivered it with such a self-conscious grimace that you could see him thinking: that worked better in the mirror this morning!

However Cleggy overplayed his new trick and it was getting wearing towards the end. The others got him on the ropes about the Lib Dem's proposals to give an amnesty to illegal immigrants - 600,000 would be allowed to remain in UK, and for some unexplained reason they'd each get to choose one other relative to bring in. Thanks, that's another 1.2 million mouths to feed. Unfortunately "Dave" won't say what his immigration cap will be, and although he won't admit it, he cannot deny that the Conservatives would not be able to control immigration from the EU; and with 100 million Turks knocking on the door that's not an immaterial consideration, so he couldn't quite land a killer blow on Clegg.

Cleggy got a bit confused at one point and kept going on about "vice chancellors". I think be meant shadow chancellors. I mean they were talking economy not education!

The "young woman" asked when she and her chartered accountant husband would be able to afford a house for their growing family. All three leaders fobbed her off with shared equity schemes and the like, although to be fair Cleggy did come out with the only sensible suggestion all night: convert the empty blocks of flats which the country has been littered with in the last decade into family homes. Presumably this would involve substantial building work, if not sending in the bulldozers in some cases, but it must be better than having those herds of gently grazing white elephants cluttering up the countryside.

And that was that. Since no follower of this blog is likely to vote for any of them it was all quite irrelevant really.


Anonymous said...

'And that was that. Since no follower of this blog is likely to vote for any of them it was all quite irrelevant really.'

Correct. Why not allow followers? It notifies people of your new posts.

Nationalist said...

You don't need a "followers" widget. You can just add the blog to your reading list on the dashboard, anonymously if you like. This blog already has followers.