Monday, 19 April 2010

Tomorrow's weather forecast

Have a look at at the Met Office Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre's prediction for tomorrow. You should probably click the image to enlarge...

It's quite interesting. There is a big jagged-shaped ash cloud at 20,000ft covering the UK, Middle Europe but not the Iberian peninsula or Italy, nor Scandinavia, and reaching well into Russian in the East and just touching Canada in the West. Then you have a higher cloud at 35,000ft independently floating up to the Arctic circle and a smaller high cloud sitting over Denmark.

Iceland itself is hardly affected at all. The nearest international airport to the UK which is actually functioning is Madrid, so I were at this morning's COBRA meeting I think I'd be suggesting that all stranded UK citizens be flown to Madrid, taken by rail or coach to Santander in the Bay of Biscay and then by sea across to Portsmouth.

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