Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Election fraud in progress

With a couple of days left until the polls open for the 2010 General Election, or possibly the first 2010 General Election, rumours abound that certain parties are not playing the game fairly.

Vote-rigging seems to be endemic in the Pakistani-British community. Households with three or four adults are suddenly acquiring ten or more extra residents who all require a postal vote.

The Daily Mail says...
Police have launched 50 criminal inquiries nationwide amid widespread cases of electoral rolls being packed with ‘bogus’ voters.

Officials report a flood of postal vote applications in marginal seats. With the outcome of the closest election in a generation hanging in the balance, a few thousand ‘stolen’ votes there could determine who wins the keys to Downing Street.

Fraud is suspected in 12 London boroughs, with Tower Hamlets being the centre of this nefarious activity. For the first time ever the Commonwealth is sending monitors to observe the election as though we were some kind of third world country.

An Independent journalist send to investigate (link) election fraud in Bethnal Green was viciously assaulted by a gang of Asians.

Jerome Taylor:
Poked his nose where Asians didn't want it

Meanwhile Mehmood Chaudhry, a Pakistani MP from Murpur, the region of Kashmir that 70% of the British Asians of Pakistani-origin come from, has told the BBC that he habitually visits the UK during elections in order to tell people who to vote for. (Link)

What business it is of his, he doesn't explain. Although this article in the Hindustan Times makes it clear Asians now control who governs the UK.

The Hindustan Times says...
Britain, which is seeking to overhaul its immigration policy, cannot afford to upset the Asian community because of its increasing electoral clout, says the chairperson of the Indo-British Friendship Society.

"No political party can govern if they upset the Asian vote," India-born Rami Ranger, who also heads the Sun Group of Industries, told IANS.

"We can elect 40 to 50 members of parliament from several inner cities... They cannot afford to go wrong," said Ranger, 60, who migrated to Britain in 1971 and today steers a business empire that exports products and services to 40 countries.

So by fair means and foul the immigrant tail is now wagging the British dog.

The foul means involve registering fictitious people at "friendly" addresses and voting them using postal votes. In addition "community leaders" collect up blank postal ballot papers and fill them in themselves before sending them off.

Back in 2005 three Labour councillors, all coincidentally called Mohammed, were caught red-handed by police operating a vote-rigging factor in a disused warehouse. (Link)

But the fact they were Labour councillors is no coincidence. During its period in office Labour has vastly expanded postal voting in this country. Previously it was only available to invalids who were housebound and civil servants posted overseas. Now it's available on demand. One can only assume that Labour expects to benefit from the inevitable fraud that has ensued. (George Galloway's vehicle, the Respect Party is also heavily supported by Asians; in this case Asians of Bangladeshi origin. It may also gain from electoral fraud.)

Requiring a voter to vote in person and in secrecy is fundamental to the integrity of our electoral system. No one can coerce someone to vote as directed if they cannot see how they voted, nor can a person prove they voted in a particular way so bribing or rewarding complicit voting is also impracticable.

If many constituencies are won by small majorities, the general election may have to decided in the courts in the weeks to come.

Truly, when you import a third-world population you become a third-world country.

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Daily Satire said...

Glad I found this post. The mainstream media somehow manage to report on these vote rigging scandals every time they happen without even mentioning the fact that it is always Muslims. Talk about the elephant in the room.

I've just written a short satirical article about this and included a link to your blog post - Musliim MPs Campaign To Promote Racial Stereotypes.

I'm a big believer that if you want people to listen, the best thing to do is to make them laugh.