Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The truth will out

Mainstream television is notoriously bad at telling the public what is actually going on in our country. It is hobbled by political correctness and draconian anti-free speech laws. The BBC is everyone's whipping boy and commercial TV has advertisers to placate.

But sometimes the truth gets out. The Bill is a "police procedural" quasi-soap broadcast once or twice a week on ITV1. The programme has a habit of occasionally throwing off the shackles and telling it like it is. Yesterday's episode, That Type of Cop, was true to form.

It delved into the murky and under-reported world of Muslim grooming of white girls for sex and prostitution. In the programme, Hassan, a good-looking 19-year-old Asian boy, befriends a 15-year-old white girl and gains her trust before passing her on to his "uncle" who has her gang-raped in a club full of Asians where she is kept for two years and is repeatedly raped and tortured before escaping and eventually being reunited with her loving parents.

All credit due to the The Bill for even suggesting there is such a thing as Asian predation on white girls.

Although, their portrayal of the phenomenon was, despite its horrific storyline, actually somewhat sanitised.

Firstly the girls being taken were 15-year-olds. Muslim paedophiles prefer to start with 12 or 13-year-old girls. And it is a Muslim proclivity, not a pan-Asian crime. This blog has never heard of Hindus or Sikhs doing such a thing. Sex with underaged girls is implicitly endorsed by the Muslim religion; the prophet Mohammed married his second wife Aisha when she was seven and "enjoyed" her from the age of nine. Some Muslims see no reason not to follow his example.

Typically the victim is a white girl in care. Aged 12 or 13 she is befriended by a slightly older, good-looking Asian lad who introduces her to drugs and gets her sexually active. Eventually she, of her own free will, runs away with him, and is reported "absconded from care", not "missing" - a crucial difference. The authorities make no great effort to find her and she has no loving parents to battle for her. By now she will be drug-dependent and cowed into submission.

Her "boyfriend" then passes her on to "uncles" and "cousins" who rape her and force her to work as a prostitute.

And there it ends. Unlike in the Bill she's never rescued although as she gets older the paedophile gang will eventually lose interest in her.

Muslim paedophile rape gangs are by no means exclusively a British phenomenon. In France they call them Tournantes, a term which translates roughly as: take your turn. They also have them in Sweden. Indeed there is little reason to believe that Muslims won't prey on vulnerable white girls wherever they have the opportunity. It's just a Muslim thing.

If you've the stomach for it you can read a harrowing BBC report of one girl's ordeal here. Of course, being the BBC, they somehow fail to note the Muslim connection.

The BNP has been trying to raise awareness of this outrage. They have written to chief police officers but have just been fobbed off with a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, don't-care-about-evil nonchalance. The authorities just don't want to know. Or maybe they're frightened.

If it's fear, then let's ensure that one day they are more frightened of us!

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