Monday, 14 June 2010

Birmingham to deploy anti-sniper devices

A new nadir has been reached. Birmingham City Council has decided to buy a ShotSpotter system. This is an array of microphones attached to buildings and some fancy software, more usually deployed to war zones, designed to locate gunfights and pin-point shooters.

The initial roll-out will be to the Aston, Lozells and Soho wards of the city. These are immigrant-rich areas. Lozells, for example, has a population of approximately 26,000 originating as follows:

Pakistan: 25%
India: 18%
Bangladesh: 12%
Afro-Carib: 19.5%
China: 3.5%
Mixed: 4%

This leaves a mere 18 percent native Brits.

It's a sad day when a city has so lost control of law and order that it has to use military technology on its civilian population, but it's also the shape of things to come. How long before London goes the same route? These devices are quite widely deployed in the USA.

Birmingham Mail

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