Monday, 7 June 2010

Good cop, bad cop

"Dave" Cameron and Nick Clegg seem to be playing good cop/bad cop. Cameron says there are going to be deep cuts in public sector pay and benefits and Clegg comes straight back with, it won't be as bad as during the 1980s.

Considering they are Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister you would think they'd be saying more or less the same thing.

Well, we'll find out on June 22nd, emergency budget day, just how bad it will be. But until then the Lib Dem back-benchers need to be mollified with soothing words. They are not natural spending cutters, unlike the Tories, and if too much discontent builds up the coalition would be at risk. That's why Clegg keeps pouring oil on these troubled waters. (Unfortunate metaphor, I know!)

Perhaps this is the future: Cameron will be bad-news guy and Clegg will be good-news guy and they will muddle through their term in government with the public continually relieved it wasn't as bad as Cameron said but disappointed it wasn't as good as Clegg led us to believe.

It's one way to govern, I suppose.

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