Monday, 28 June 2010

In London blacks commit more violent crime than whites

The Sunday Telegraph have prised some hard data out of the London Metropolitan Police on the subject of race and crime. This is a rare success because the powers-that-be don't like releasing stats which show their immigration policy to be harmful to the nation, and harmful it is.

The tables below shows the race of the perpetrator in various crime categories in London in the year April 2009 to April 2010.

The stats show blacks commit more crime than whites in most categories. However, adjust for the fact that blacks are 12 percent of London's population and whites 67 percent. (And "whites" above includes any number of Eastern Europeans and certainly does not mean exclusively native.)

Knowing the population percentages we can calculate how much more (or less) likely a black man is to commit a crime in London than a white man.

What this means is, assuming other factors such as distribution of crime to be equal, a black man is 9.3 times more likely than a white man to commit an unarmed street crime, 13.8 times more likely to commit a gun crime and so on.

The Ministry of Justice publishes some data on the race of prison admissions and, not surprisingly, the ratios accord with the numbers shown above.

This won't be news to readers of this blog. Research in the USA shows the same variation in criminality, in much the same proportions. Although I haven't shown the numbers above, black females are also over-represented in the crime stats.

Some apologists would offer the explanation that the link is not between race and crime but rather poverty and crime. But poverty cannot explain a greater propensity for sex crime.

It becomes more alarming when you factor in the disparate breeding rates of blacks and whites. Blacks are making more babies than whites so the criminal tide is not going to turn back, rather, unless checked, it is simply going to grow.

The same data sets show that blacks are also more likely to be the victim of crime. That's not a great consolation.

The BNP's repatriation policy for non-natives who commit crime is urgently required.



Anonymous said...

There is no doubt about it mass immigration has been detrimental to Britain...Donna

Anonymous said...

I am 36 - born in Worcester - lived in London since I was 4 - went to public school then university - now I live near Clapham and work in the city.

I'm VERY sad at how the leadership of this country has not vetted immigrants or clamped down on various minorities especially blacks.

2 days ago a black guy was mouthing off on the train to a city worker - today in the paper there is a story about a black guy who shot a 5 year old indian girl - she might be paralysed - tonight walking home from the train a black guy drove his car on the pavement to block a cute white girl running to shout at her!

er wtf? Hello - racism is one thing but when statistics show certain demographics to be very badly behaved action should be done.

I actually support the idea of getting rid of most blacks - not all - I genuinely like black men and woman - it's just there are way too many niggers.

We brought them here and if we have the will we can get rid of them.

Look at TV or film footage of London in 1950 or 1960 - it was a MUCH better place to live then than now.

After all the effort this country made to make London what it is it is now going down the tubes quicker than anything.

With weak politicians like Cameron this will not change.

Anonymous said...

On the train, in the newspaper and walking down my road 9 times out of 10 if there is some drama yup there's a black man causing it.

This is not racist - it is a scientifically observable fact.

Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans - nope never see them causing strife just 9 times out of 10 blacks.

Given this politically incorrect but TRUE fact we need some strong people to lead us to a solution to this problem before London becomes like South Central LA. Because this is where we are headed so dont bury your head in the sand.

This situation is getting WORSE not better.

I think I might leave the country...

Oh and I'm someone who went to public school - degree from red brick Uni - highly skilled It worker - born in Worcester - lived in London since I was 4 - now 36.

In other words I'm the type of person you do not want to leave...

So if people like me go and people like that stay - what's London going to be like soon?

A nightmare for decent people...

Decent people wake up!

Take off the politically correct blindfolds and gags and see what is happening to YOUR HOME!

Anonymous said...

very good put up, i actually love this website, carry on it

Anonymous said...

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