Friday, 27 August 2010

Genocide of the Whites in South Africa

Uhuru is coming to South Africa. Since "uhuru" is Swahili for "freedom" that might sound like a good thing. But uhuru has a hidden meaning: it's the time when the blacks will rise up and kill or drive out all the remaining whites.

As there are three or four million whites in South Africa, concentrated in the South Western Cape region, this will be quite a task. However, it seems the determination is there. This blog expects that the trigger for this event will be the death of Nelson Mandela, currently 92 years old. However it could happen sooner. It could happen much sooner. The political situation in SA has taken a turn for the much worse in the last few days. Although not widely reported outside the country there is a massive general strike in progress. A million civil servants are already on strike. Teachers have joined them, and the army and police may also walk off the job. And in South Africa a strike is not just a refusal to work, it's an excuse for mob violence, wanton destruction of property and ethnic killings.

The main target ethnic group would be the whites.

According to Genocide Watch there are eight stages to a genocide:

  1. Classification

  2. Symbolization

  3. Dehumanization

  4. Organization

  5. Polarization

  6. Preparation

  7. Extermination

  8. Denial

First the target group is classified by some aspect. For whites this is obvious; their race. Then they are symbolized, that is given a distinctive group name by which they can be referenced. Usually the genocidal power then dehumanizes the target group by making them out to be less than human, animals or vermin. In South Africa this hasn't actually happened to whites. They are made out to be exploiters or colonisers instead; blamed for all the ills that blacks suffer.

Then you have organization. The state has to make the genocide happen. The organizing power is the ANC, itself controlled by the South African Communist Party. Earlier this year ANC Youth Leader, 29-year-old Julius Malema, led University students in singing the "liberation" song "Kill the boer." Despite this being an illegal and inflammatory act senior ANC officials, including the South African president Jacob Zuma, were muted in their criticism. Even Nelson Mandela has been recorded singing "Kill the whites."

Polarization is built into South Africa. The blacks are mainly poor and badly educated. The whites are rich (or at least perceived to be rich by blacks - their standard of living has fallen dramatically in recent years) and well educated.

The preparation phase is the one we are now in. The black populace is being roused while the white population is being weakened. Guns are being confiscated. Recently the Afrikaner leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was assassinated.

All that remains is for the extermination to begin. Although, actually the extermination has already begun. More than three thousand white farmers have been killed on their land. These are the easiest targets because they live in remote isolated places and cannot easily get help. The killings are usually accompanied by rape and mutilation of the bodies. These are not simple property crimes, but "hate crimes" in a literal sense.

Afterwards, in South Africa, they probably won't bother with denial. Instead they will claim justification, like in Zimbabwe. The whites stole their land and were continuing to oppress them, so killing them or driving them out was natural and right. (This isn't historically accurate. The first European arrivals were Dutch who settled in the otherwise unoccupied Cape area. It wasn't until the British arrived in force that they trekked North and East.) But that won't prevent the average black from believing he has been hard done by.

After that of course the blacks will start to starve since whites produce most of the food. But that won't occur to them until too late. And in fact totalitarian governments prefer not to have domestic food production since food then mainly comes in the form of international aid and they can control who gets it and who does not. The government becomes very popular when the alternative is to starve.

Now this is a British nationalist blog, so we should consider this from a British perspective.

It would be nice to think that when uhuru happens the UK government will send military forces to defend the whites and help establish an independent white state in the Cape region. But we all know that isn't going to happen, short of a BNP government coming to power - which won't happen soon enough to be useful.

The next best thing is to offer white South Africans asylum in the UK. Although nationalists are generally opposed to immigration this is a special case. This is not opening our doors to the dross of the world. These are well-educated, law-abiding, English-speaking people who will integrate seamlessly into our society and would be an asset where ever they settled in the world.

There are in fact several hundred thousand white South Africans already settled in the South-East of England. They have been able to get into the UK thanks to an ancestral connection with the country. This blog has yet to receive any reports of gangs of them marauding around London raping and robbing (unlike, say, Somalians) and they seem to find work and support themselves, albeit often in lower-paid jobs, eg security, than their ability level would justify.

When uhuru happens we should open our doors to them; all of them, including the elderly who may lose everything but not be able to start again. Most will prefer to go to Australia, New Zealand, Continental Europe or of course Canada and the USA. (And who can blame them?) But those who want to come here should be admitted. And if there isn't room, well, send back the Somalians!


chris said...

British Nationalist, thank you for raising this matter. Us white south africans may just have to flee or birth place due to the genocide of whites here.
But there are also more white starting to realize our predicament and is prepared to fight for an independent white state in the Cape area. We ask you to support us in any way you can in this regard.

Member of Praag. ( pro-afrikaner action group.

Anonymous said...

Well seems like Uhuru may be in full force by next week if not sooner. Time to dig up our automatic weapons that were "reported stolen", protect our kids and flee to greener pastures. My heart goes out to my fellow white south african bretheren that believe uhuru is a hoax. Siener Van Rensburg an afrikaans prophet foretold of this day as well as many other prophecies that have already come to pass, another prophecy is that the old SA flag will fly once again. The vier cleur. The four colours. Notice the british flag.