Friday, 20 August 2010

More EU food craziness

Not content with making our sausages, chocolate, and prawn cocktail flavoured crisps illegal and legislating on the curvature of cucumbers and the provenance of bananas those crazy dudes at the EU have now ruled on what can and cannot go in a Cornish pasty.

Turnip: Not allowed in a pasty

Swede: Allowed in a pasty

So far so good. Who would want a yukky turnip in a pasty? Far better to have a nice tasty swede.

But, here comes the craziness, the EU law-makers have ruled you're allowed to put "turnip" on the label! So, turnip on the ingredients list - good, in the recipe - bad.

That said, they may be thinking of this kind of swede...

Swede: Not as pretty as Ulrika Jonsson

For any Americans reading, this is a Cornish pasty...

Cornish pasty: full of meaty goodness

A Cornish pasty is a bit like a knish, only never, ever, deep-fried, except in Scotland where they'll deep-fry anything.

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