Thursday, 26 August 2010

Short back and sides

Sit up straight, face front and take notice oh scruffy youth of England! Your indolent lack of personal grooming and pride in your appearance is not "cool" or an expression of individuality and you are being put to shame by a new breed of honey bee!

For the last twenty years the human race has stood on the edge of extinction because the bees that pollinate the crops we eat were being attacked by the Varroa destructor mite causing bee Armageddon and "colony collapse" across the world.

Strictly speaking there are some crops we can grow which don't require pollination by insect, and there are other pollinating insects apart from bees. But without insect pollination we'd pretty much be living on a diet of bananas.

However the solution as been found: grooming! Ron Hoskins, a 79-year-old beekeeper, is breeding a strain of bees which groom each other to remove the mites. He intends to release these into the wild and varroa mites everywhere will be chucked from the hive.


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Anonymous said...

wheat and rice are wind pollinated, but I agree, that rice without chicken korma is surely a bad thing, and we all know that chickens are pollinated by bees.