Thursday, 30 September 2010

Baroness Warsi alleges Labour benefited from Asian vote fraud

Baroness Warsi, who she? Well, amazingly she's the current chairman of the Conservative Party and a Cabinet Minister in the government. Her claim to fame is that she's just about the only muslim woman in the Tory party. She tried to become an MP, was roundly rejected by the electorate and got made a baroness by way of a consolation prize.

Although notionally a muslim (she was once married to her cousin, you don't get more muslim than that) she has since divorced and largely alienated the muslim community. She needs a police escort in muslim areas - even most whites don't need that yet.

Warsi: semi-detached muslim

And now she has pointed out what we all know anyway: Labour-supporting Asians have been engaged in voter fraud. She claims at least three constituencies were "stolen" from the Tories by fraud during the General Election. She won't name them though.

Of course Asians coming to the UK and then breaking the law is not news. Asians collecting up postal votes; Asians registering ten or more fictitious individuals at their address; Asians operating fraud-factories, all these things we've seen before. In one court case the judge said the UK was turning into a banana-republic!

However, it can't hurt to hear it from the horse's mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks - wasn't aware that she had married her cousin or needed a police escort around Muslim areas.