Thursday, 16 September 2010

Dissing the pope

In an hour's time Pope Benedict XVI will land in Edinburgh, the first pope to set foot in the United Kingdom for about 30 years. Is he being made welcome like an honoured guest? Well, no.

Benedict XVI: Unwelcome guest

To start with the British government insulted him by appointing a muslim to lead the Foreign Office team planning his visit. Said muslim circulated a list of things the pope could do while here including launching a range of condoms and doing forward rolls with children.

Then, in the run up to the visit our TV schedules, and especially the BBC, have been dominated by investigations into child abuse in the Catholic church. Now, no one is saying child abuse isn't a serious matter, but plastering this old-news story across our screens in the very week the pope is due to arrive for a visit isn't journalism, it's an attempt to spoil the visit. They could run those stories anytime they wanted. Turns out they wanted to do it the very week the pope is due.

However the Vatican has dropped a clanger of its own.

One Cardinal Kasper has claimed that arriving at Heathrow is like arriving at a third world country, and that the UK is militantly atheist.

Cardinal Kasper: Not wrong.

Cardinal Kasper has been dropped from the papal visit, notionally because he's ill. That said, sources on the inside reckon he really is ill - he's got gout and can hardly walk.

This blog think it's a shame he couldn't come, because he's right. London is turning into a 3rd world city and the country is becoming anti-Christian.

Normally the pope would arrive in a country using an Alitalia flight, and return to Italy using the national airline of the country he was visiting. But British Airways has blotted its copybook. They disciplined a stewardess for wearing a small crucifix over her uniform and made her cover it up or take it off. So in your face BA, no papal patronage for you!

This blog isn't here to endorse Catholicism, and there's no denying there have been some serious scandals in the Catholic church. However, if we invite a world leader here, then we should not use his visit as an opportunity to hurl abuse at him. That's just bad manners.

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