Wednesday, 15 September 2010

EU mouse sqeaks at French lion

Viviane Reding, an EU VP (who elected her? Answer, no-one!) has thrown a little strop. She banged her little fist on the lectern and told off the French government, calling it "shocking" and a "disgrace".

Vice President Reding: Lost her rag

The cause of her ire is that the French have been bundling Romanian gypsies out of the country. The French have about 300 major gypsy camps; each with several hundred occupants and each the malignant centre of a local crime wave. It's not surprising the French want rid.

And in fact under EU law the French are entitled to kick them out. That's not Ms Reding's beef. She's complaining that each gypsy isn't being considered individually, with a personal assessment for each potential deportee. Instead the French government is rounding them up, giving each one a €160 grant and busing them home to Romania.

This blog says: way to go France!

Of course Sarky's got skin in the game now and can't be seen to back down. But the harpy has the law on her side and France may end up paying a fine to the EU commission.

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Anonymous said...

As always liberal elitists like Ms Reding favour multi-culturalism at a distance, and then bang on about the Nazi's when local residents react negatively towards the lawless newcomers.

Perhaps the good VP could buy a few fields next to her own home and invite the 'Roma' to settle long term. Surely she wouldn't have a problem with that, would she?